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3/18/2022 9:00 AM

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3/18/2022 1:00 PM


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How to Let a Man Know You’re Interested

Tough Call: Sex Before Commitment?

In Combat Dating, You Can’t Afford to Fight Like a Girl

Friends With Penalties

The Matrix of Modern Relationships

Old fwb or new shy boy?

The Real Reason Why Men and Women Can’t Be Friends

Is she into me?

Simply learning how to make baked cutlets is not enough to nourish a family. And nourishing a family will continue to be “women’s work”. Or, it will be the work of your local mega-mart, which is not a good strategy.

So, we need to start instilling in girls that to properly nourish their children (and husbands) there is a fair amount that they need to learn. And that they should know the bulk of it before they have their first child which is likely to happen before they are, say, 26-27 (Well, not likely, but that is a whole other discussion that also involves having healthy children) .

Learning what it takes to become a competent cook doesn’t take a whole lot of brain power to the point of it keeping you from focusing on becoming a scientist, contractor, doctor, engineer, etc., etc.

I am starting to regret that I chose the word “cook”. I should have said, “nourish a family”.

cool list and mostly positive discussion, HUS is on form today

“Tom is over excited (as usual) because of that crap question in the older survey. Crap because it did not specify what level of relationship was being considered when the level of N was considered.”

Note, there is no longer any mention of women being denigrated by men for fucking around. Because, well, they are not denigrated. There is no longer any mention of women having restriction on their promiscuity. Because, well, it is abundantly obvious there are none. There is no longer any mention of a man’s willingness to fuck women no matter their pasts. Because, well, its a fact they don’t care. Now, therefore, the entire focus is on men – not women – and their willingness, however begrudgingly, to discard their natural tendencies and commit their entire lives to sluts. Why this focus? Because as the slut-class grows, as more women pound their youths away in the harem, there is a very real problem waiting for them upon exit: the lack of men willing to accommodate their fuck-to-family-transition fantasy. This entire “matter” is about the men or lack thereof. There is no other topic or issue to point to anymore.

Who teaches those things here? No one. . .


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