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 Continue the Legacy of Greensburg Central Catholic Junior-Senior High School

​Our Mission

The mission of Greensburg Central Catholic Junior-Senior High School is to promote the formation of students within a community of faith.   

We are a diocesan co-educational school providing a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum centered on the teachings of the Catholic Church, incorporating the Gospel values of Jesus Christ, and designed to meet a variety of academic, spiritual, and social needs.  

As a college preparatory Catholic school, inclusive of grades 7-12, we educate students of diverse faiths and backgrounds.  Our students will learn to integrate critical reasoning, scholastic achievement, and the search for truth within the convictions of Catholic teaching rooted in faith, moral responsibility, and service to the global community

Our Vision
Our students will be educated and impassioned to lead extraordinary lives in the Catholic tradition.

 A Piece of History

​In 1959, under the leadership of Bishop Hugh Lamb, first bishop of the Diocese of Greensburg, the school opened its doors to a ninth grade class of students. With the help of six religious orders, Sisters of St. Benedict, Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill, Felician Sisters, Sisters of Mercy, Sisters of St. Joseph, and the Vincentian Sisters of Charity, unctioning as educators and leaders, GCC began its legacy of excellence.

The school has produced leaders of all kinds, and approximately 10,000 alumni to make the world better. In 2015, the first graduating class of this administration, 93 students graduated with 70 of them either receiving scholarships or aid from the colleges that they wished to attend, to the total of $15 million. Twenty-two students also earned a GPA of 4.2 or higher.

 Staffing and Governance

​Currently, the school functions with a principal and one assistant, along with an athletic director, (part-time) and two guidance counselors. There are 29 full-time teachers and two part-time staff operating as independent contractors for music and computer programming. The school is also serviced by three administrative assistants, a business manager and bookkeeper, as well as a maintenance man and custodian for the grounds. The internal cleaning, as well as food service is performed by an outside contractor.

 Statement and Explanation of Community Need or Problem

​Why should students choose to attend our school?

  • Curriculum: Our program is strong and getting stronger with the increase in technology and the revision of curriculum.
  • Quality of Teachers: We demand a lot from our teachers, with individual attention and a constant request for professional development. Our students are the paramount in our thinking.
  • Faith-Based Approach in all that we do so that prayer and a moral compass is demanded of all students to help give them the direction for the lives.
  • Quality of Students: The students at GCC are academically competitive and drive each other to excellence. They demand the best from their school and we demand the best of them.
  • 21st Century Thinking: The greatest change in education has come from advances in technology. At GCC, we have embraced the challenge to provide an education that is on the cutting edge of technology for education.

 List of Programs and Services

​In addition to the core, some courses, such as Business Law and Algebra I, and others were eliminated and new STEM courses were added.

  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Forensic Science
  • Computer Programming
  • Medical Perspectives
  • Global Studies (World Affairs Council)
  • Personal Finance (JA)
  • Conceptual Physics
  • Strings
  • AP Studio Art
  • Revision of the existing Visual Arts courses
  • Theater Arts (revised)

The scheduling process allowed for clubs and student activities at least three times a month with 19 different clubs being sponsored by teachers. An additional five organizations, such as the National Honor Society, provided the students with service and scholarship activities. The Ministry Team also developed the Columbian Roses for the first time to complement the work done by the Columbian Squiers as the main faith-based service ministries of the school.

 Financial Needs and Budget

​Many students want to come to GCC, but parents feel that they cannot afford the tuition and several struggle. We need to increase the endowment significantly so that at least $100,000 can be provided from that fund to provide tuition assistance. In addition, we need to increase our business contacts, where businesses are willing to provide us with EITC or OSTC funds for additional tuition assistance. I believe that a student body of 500 is possible to sustain with financial stability.

At a little over $2 million, tuition is our main source of income. The diocese gives us a little over $650,000 in support and is our main contributor to funding beyond tuition. We are asked to raise about $150,000 annually to support additional programs in the budget. This year, there will be a technology fee of $350 per student to support the IT technician in the school and the cost of increased bandwidth, as well as the cost of the computers. All of the computers have been reimaged this summer with updated software.

Our costs are the salaries of staff, including benefits, at over $2 million dollars. New programs and equipment cost over $150,000, In addition, we have the cost that all of you have at home in lighting and heating the building.

Our teachers are unionized contracted employees of the Diocese of Greensburg, and have the benefits prescribed by a negotiated contract. Their salaries and benefits are negotiated, and I believe receive a reasonable salary, but it is far below what they could earn in a public school.

 Means of Support

​How can you contribute to the school?

  • Give to the Annual Appeal if you are able. You will receive a mailing in the fall.
  • If financially capable, contribute a major gift, or you can sponsor a specific program.
  • Reunion giving is another way that individuals who are alumni can contribute to the school.
  • Involvement with the annual Gala/Auction is another way to contribute.
  • Walk the Extra Mile is a fun day what we have with the student body at the end of the year that involves students financially contributing!

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