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 Honors Courses

​As a general rule, students scoring above the 90th percentile, as determined by a placement test, are encouraged to take accelerated classes that better challenge their intellectual abilities. These are designated as honors classes. Honors courses are offered in English, mathematics, science, foreign language, and social studies at all levels.

 The following honors courses are offered:


Honors English I​ - Ninth Grade
Honors English II - Tenth Grade​
Honors English III - Eleventh Grade
Honors English IV - Twelfth Grade​


Honors Biology - Ninth Grade
Honors Chemistry - Tenth Grade, Eleventh Grade
Honors Physics - Eleventh Grade, Twelfth Grade

 Social Studies

​​Honors World Studies - Tenth Grade​​


 Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

​The Advanced Placement (AP) Program at Greensburg Central Catholic offers a college/university level curriculum for high school students. AP courses assess students by college/university level standards. It is expected that students who sign up for AP courses will be highly motivated and will make the AP course and exam a priority.

The following advanced placement courses are offered:


​AP English - Twelfth Grade​​​​​​

 Fine Arts - Visual

​AP Art History - Eleventh Grade, Twelfth Grade​
​AP Studio Art: Drawing 2-D; 3-D - Eleventh Grade, Twelfth Grade​


​AP Statistics - Eleventh Grade, Twelfth Grade


​AP Biology - Eleventh Grade, Twelfth Grade
​AP Computer Science Principals, Eleventh Grade, Twelfth Grade

 Social Studies

AP US History - Eleventh Grade
​AP Psychology​ - Twelfth Grade​​


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